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Ok to you who wrote about the zombie gang, who are the?

Questiont to the people talking about some “zombie gang”: I have never heard of a “zombie gang”? Who are they?

Anonymous asked: Yes you did say that, a few posts from my last one. You said you only post hate from other fans. Are you retarded?

Ok! We post opinions from other fans and that doesn’t make us anything. We do not hate on fans, we do not hate on the twins. This site is for you, not for us! 

Anonymous asked: Why are the gang from Sweden called 'Zombie gang' ?

Well I don’t know.

Anonymous asked: You dont get it huh? You are contributing to it... take responsibilty and close this shit down.

You think so huh? 

Anonymous asked: "No we only post hate from other fans. This site has nothing to do with our own opinions." If you're posting hate from other fans it doesn't make you any better than they are really.

Did we say that? No!

Anonymous asked: The latest Jedward scandal is there are no Jedward scandals to report.

Ehm ok. We get loads anyway!

Anonymous asked: How does it feel to contribute to people crying and to contribute to the cyberbullying? A simple rumor about someone can trigger them to hate them self and possibly comite suicide, maybe you should start taking responsibility for what you post? words can hurt!

Well say that to the people who writes this stuff, not us!

Anonymous asked: have you ever sent a fan anon hate?

No we only post hate from other fans. This site has nothing to do with our own opinions. 

Edward and his nicknames

Heard Edward calling this girl blondi and more nicknames. The way he did it made me so jel he was truly charming. 

Ireland is the place to be!

u know the zombie gang from sweden I read their tweets and they will maybe go to ireland this summer 2

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