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Edward and his nicknames

Heard Edward calling this girl blondi and more nicknames. The way he did it made me so jel he was truly charming. 

the twins dislike the dancers so they are not in a relationship with them

I heard edward got really interested in one of the japanese fans

Someone else who heard Edwards fart outside the hotel in Stockholm? I was died a little bit when I saw his face under the same time, “Did anyone hear it?”

edward has moaned to me on several occasions about gaffers they dont mind it sometimes but the way that some literally SIT right out FRONT their house John doesnt mind so much though

It is really weird edward was with the same girls in berlin all the time he trusts them more then others he always chose them when it was about who would take him with the taxi or who would mind his stuff and anything that is just not fair i wish he would see me like them

Edward really going mental on Eurovision this year huh?

Regarding the “Edward gonna do something crazy in eurovision” .. He wrote it to me too. I’m soooo excited!

Edward going crazy on Eurovision?

Edward wrote in a DM that he’s gonna do something crazy on stage in Eurovison, live.

John and Edward are drama lovers!

Edward and John completely loves drama, they even make up some themselves *

Edward gay?

Paddy said he thinks Edward might be gay. 

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